Monday, April 10, 2017

Six Reasons Why St. Mike's Will Always Be My Home

In less than five weeks, I will be graduating for Saint Michael's College. No matter how excited I am to enter the "real world," that is an absolutely terrifying thought. I love St. Mike's, and there are so many reasons why I'm going to miss being here. However, no matter what, this college will always be my home.

1. People are always holding doors open

This is one of the first things I remember noticing about SMC when I toured the summer before my senior year of high school. People are just so friendly! This phenomenon was something I didn't see again at any of the colleges I visited. You can be a good minute away from getting to the door, and some people will just stand there, smiling, patiently waiting - because why not?

2. Friendly faces

Two of my mentors, Dave Landers and the late Fr. Mike Cronogue, have been well-known over the years for saying hello to every person they see throughout the day. Although maybe not every person at St. Mike's may be quite as enthusiastic as these two, it's hard to get across campus on any given day without having at least one person say hello to you (and it's usually more than that). Prospective families sometimes joke that I have people waiting around campus on tours just to say hi - but I promise it's not staged. I love that I know so many people, maybe just from a class years ago, from different clubs, or just from seeing each other around! (Above video: one of the friendliest faces at the SMC, Mike McCarthy)

3. Its outer beauty matches its inner beauty

As I sit here typing this, we're experiencing a long-awaited warmth. It finally feels like spring! Although the campus looks gorgeous even when it's a winter wonderland, I'm looking forward to the tulips now.

4. Being at SMC is like being with family

I feel like I have a lot of families here at St. Mike's. I have my Mike Check family, Drama Club family, Admissions family...and those are just a few of them. I always feel welcome when I'm on this campus, and that's what home should be all about.

5. We appreciate our alumni!

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Once I graduate, I know I won't be forgotten. Alumni Appreciation Week, which we just celebrated a couple of weeks ago, is only one way that SMC remembers how important alumni are to the college. The Career Development and Alumni offices are always there for Purple Knights, no matter how long ago you've graduated. I feel very safe and secure knowing that St. Mike's will always be looking out for me.

6. Home is where the heart is

Our beautiful 70° day today!
To finish off, here's a vague and cliche statement that honestly means so much to me. It's like when people ask an SMC student about why they love St. Mike's, and they say "the community." Unless you experience it, it sounds fabricated. Saint Michael's will always be my home, because my heart will always be here. I genuinely love this school. It has done so much for me, taught me many things, and has prepared me for the "real world." I know that no matter where I go, part of my heart will always be here.

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  1. As always, Chris, i appreciate your perspective. Thanks for the shout out.