Monday, January 30, 2017

College on a Budget

The wonderful paradox of college: there's so much to do and so many friends around and you're "as broke as a college student."

Thankfully, there are so many ways to enjoy yourself and have fun while surviving on a college budget!

1. Thrift stores

macklemore thrift shop happy music

Thrift stores might be one of my favorite things in the world. Goodwill is pretty close to SMC and they have $1 Sundays & Mondays. Today I got four dress shirts for my internship for only $11!! How awesome is that?!? 

2. Take the bus

One of the big perks of going to St. Mike's is the opportunity to take the city bus (CCTA) for free for all four years! The bus is an easy, fast, and free way of getting into Burlington - and there's plenty of reasonably priced and even free things to do there. When it's still warm out, I love to walk along the waterfront and take in the sights and sounds. When it's colder out, I love to walk down Church Street, especially when it's lit up for the holidays, and when it gets really cold (but also all the time), I like to get a coffee and browse one of the amazing bookstores!

3. Go to free events on campus

Nearly every event on campus is free for students. This includes plays, speakers, concerts, recitals, festivals, sporting events for all varsity and club teams, gallery openings, lectures, and more! You're paying to go here, so you might as well do as much as you possibly can (especially since there's so much available at SMC). One of my favorite events was seeing Tig Notaro's stand-up. She quickly became one of my favorite comedians, and I'm still so psyched I was able to see her right on campus!

4. Go to Alliot!

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The meal plan at St. Mike's is foolproof - as long as you live in a room without a kitchen, you are automatically put on the unlimited meal plan. This means that you don't have to count swipes, budget dining bucks, or anything like that. Eat as much as you need to, bring an apple home for a snack, and you don't need to worry about grocery shopping (unless you want to, of course). Once you're a junior/senior and live in the townhouses or apartments, there's lots of ways to save money - but you'll get there when you get there.

Want more tips on budgeting in college? Have other questions? Get social!

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Monday, January 2, 2017

New Year, Happier Me

With the difficult year of 2016 over, we have a lot to look forward to in the next year. In the words of my friend Pat Cornacchio, "New Year, new me."

Unlike the many who say the phrase every time a new year rolls around, I don't actually love that expression. There's a lot about me that I like and love, and I'm proud off what I've accomplished this year. However, there are a few things that I'd really like to accomplish in my final (yikes!) semester of college.

1. Finish with grades I'm proud of


In the last two semesters, I've worked my butt off and I've done really well in school. I'd like to finish strong and complete my last semester with straight A's. With the job market ahead of me, I'm hoping this persistence will pay off to employers (and also I just really like doing well).

2. Spend more time with friends

I over-committed last semester, and friends went to the wayside a bit. My schedule leaves me with classes only from Tuesday-Thursday, so I'm going to utilize some of that free time and have fun, something I haven't done enough of lately. Although I hope to stay in touch with all of my friends, this is the last time we'll be next door neighbors (literally and figuratively), so I'm going to live it up.

3. Cook good food

I can't count the number of times I've watched the Food Network, said "Holy cow, that looks delicious," and then cooked whatever was fast and easy. I absolutely love cooking, and I'm promising to myself to stop being lazy and actually become a truly good cook (even though it'll take more than a few months).

4. Read more books, watch more plays & good movies, and listen to more music

I definitely watch too much Netflix and spend too much time on my phone. There are so many great things to watch and read out there and it's about time I took advantage of all the resources I have at hand.

5. Be happier

Yes, easier said than done, but there's a lot that can be done with just a positive attitude and seeking out the things that make me happy.

I hope you take advantage of the new year and work on creating a better you! For those of you still on break, enjoy it, rest a little, and have fun.

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